Malpais & Santa Teresa

Costa Rica

Restaurants and Bars

Here you find the full list of bars and restaurants in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais as they were open in February 2016. In total there are 83 places to visit. So if you try out one each day you need almost 3 months to sample all restaurants and bars in our coastal area! 

The following list is ordered by location: from south to north, starting in Mal Pais, near Cabo Blanco:

Restaurants in Mal Pais
Mary's Restaurant Casual Fine Dining Street Evening $$$
Indigo Restaurant International Fare Patio Evening $$
Papaya Restaurant International Fare Oceanview Evening $$$
Caracolas Restaurant Costa Rican Beachfront All day $$
Vista de Olas Restaurant BBQ Specialties Oceanview Evening $$$
Surf Camp Restaurant /Bar American-style Patio All Day $$
The Place Restaurant /Bar BBQ Patio Evening $$
Ritmo Tropical Restaurant Italian Street Evening $$

Santa Teresa restaurants listed south to north, starting on Playa Carmen:

Santa Teresa Restaurants: Playa Carmen
Playa Carmen Restaurant Italian Beachfront All Day $$$
Frank's Place Restaurant Costa Rican Patio All Day $$
Arenas Blancas Ice Cream Ice cream & Juices Street Day $$
Upé Bistro Snacks and Lunch Patio Day $$
Chop it Snacks Salads $ Snacks  Patio Day $$
Product © Bistro Fish Market & Lunch Patio Day $$
Nativo Bar Sports Bar & Snacks Street Evening $$
The Bakery Bistro Bakery and Dining Street Day $$$
Pure Restaurant Fine Dining Street Evening $$
Las Piedras Restaurant Argentinian BBQ Street Evening $$
Tacos Snacks Mexican Snacks Street Evening $
Banana Surf Bistro Smoothies Street Day $
Coral Blanco Soda (what's that?) Costa Rican /Seafood Street All Day $
Anjen Bar /Soda Costa Rican Snacks Street All Day $
Soda Amistad Soda Costa Rican Street All Day $
Petit Copain Snacks Snacks Street All Day $$
Playa Carmen Soda Costa Rican Street All Day $
Umi Sushi Bistro Japanese Street All Day $$
Punto Ice Cream Waffles & Ice Cream Street Day $
Horizon Restaurant Vegetarian Tea House Oceanview Day $$
Brisas del Mar Restaurant Casual Fine Dining Oceanview Evening $$
Katuna Restaurant Asian Cuisine Street Evening $$
Mafra's Bakery Italian Bakery Street Day $$
Zula Inn Restaurant East Mediterranean Street All day $
Tropico Latino Restaurant Casual Fine Dining Beachfront All Day $$$
Banana Beach Lounge Beach Bar Beachfront All Day $$$
Green World Store Market Smoothies Street Day $$
Tap House Bar Bar Street Evening $$
Habanero Restaurant Mexican Fine Dining Beachfront Evening $$$
Red Snapper Restaurant Specialty Seafood Patio Evening $$
Comida Santa Tere Soda Costa Rican Fast Food Street All Day $
Bali Bistro Coffee Shop Street All Day $$
Casa del Mar Restaurant Argentinian BBQ Street Evening $$
La Yunta Soda Costa Rican Food Street All Day $
Ranchos Itauna Lounge Lounge & Brazilian Food Beachfront Evening $$$
Almendra Bistro Coffee and Sweets Street Day $$
Tsunami Soda Costa Rican Food Street All Day $
Disfrutalo Bistro Breakfast and Snacks Street Evening $$$

Santa Teresa restaurants from the soccer field to Playa Hermosa:

Santa Teresa Restaurants: Playa Santa Teresa
Chicken Joe's Restaurant Peruvian Chicken BBQ Street All day $$
El Chivo y la Gata Restaurant Italian Specialties Street All day $$
Dulce Hogar Bistro Sweets & Smoothies Street Day $
Burger Rancho Restaurant East Mediterranean Street All day $$
Wok Station Restaurant Asian Street Food Street All day $$
Pizza Tomate Restaurant Italian Pizza Street All day $
Don Jon's Restaurant International Food Street All day $
Funky Monkey Restaurant Sushi and Snacks Patio Evening $$
Zwart Cafe Bistro Café, Lunch & Arts Street Day $$$
Pura Vida Soda Costa Rican Food Street All day $
Maracuja Bistro Smoothies Street Day $$
Lo del Che Snacks Empanadas & Pizza Street Day $
Akivo Snacks Sushi & Rolls Street All day $
Olam Bistro Health Food Patio Day $$
Otro Lado Restaurant Italian Fine Dining Patio Evening $$
Pronto Bistro Italian Take-away Patio Day $$
Marianne Café French Bakery Patio Day $$
El Bosque Soda Costa Rican Food Street All day $
Ginger Cafe Restaurant Breakfast & Lunch Street Day $
Alma Restaurant Fine Dining & Sushi Patio Evening $$$
Smokey Bigote Restaurant Hamburgers Street Evening $$
Kika Restaurant /Bar Argentinian & Live Music Street Evening $$
La Lora Amarilla Disco /Bar Live Music and Events Street Evening $
El Pulpo Restaurant Italian Dining Patio Day $$
Contraste Sabor Soda Costa Rican Food Street All day $
Tiquicia Soda Costa Rican Food Street Day $
Rox Burger Soda Fast Food Street All day $
Al Chile Viola Restaurant Casual Fine Dining Street Evening $$$
Roca Mar Lounge Beach Lounge Beachfront All day $$$
Flor Blanca Restaurant Fine Dining Beachfront All day $$$
Makana's Restaurant International Dining Street Evening $$
Tapas Restaurant Spanish Specialties Ocean View All day $$
Pranamar Restaurant Health Cuisine Beach All day $$
Koji Restaurant Japanese Fine Dining Street Evening $$$
Couleur Bistro Coffee and Snacks  Street Day $$

Manzanillo is located north of Santa Teresa:

Restaurants in Manzanillo
Atardecer Dorado Restaurant Costa Rica Beach All Day $$
Dayka Restaurant Costa Rica Street All Day $$

A soda is a small, simple Costa Rican restaurant, serving typical local dishes. The best deal is normally the "Casado" which includes rice, beans, salad and a serving of fish or meat.